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Our Philosophy

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Imagination, innovation, responsiveness, a full range of standard products, the ability to develop custom products.

  • Focus

    Our 100% focus is data and analytics. Whether it is dashboards & reports, big data analysis or anything in between, we have lived it with our clients for over 7 years.

  • Speed

    Our deep expertise in data and analytics, as well as our reusable solutions and tools accelerate your time-to-value. Our Center of Excellence model augments your infrastructure.

  • Innovation

    We have combined our domain expertise in delivering Big Data solutions with our functional and industry expertise to deliver innovative solutions that deliver unique insights into business problems like Fraud, Sentiment, Compliance and many others.

See what our clients say!

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    "we were not only able to improve the total quality of our products, but also shrink the time needed to bring our products to the market and free up our teams."

    -Stanislav Protassov, Right Scale

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    “[Edmon’s]Kyiv is a key strategic centre using the most advanced hardware, software tools and security infrastructure available.”

    -Sarah Grave, RR Donnelley

  • testimonial3
    "Not only did EPAM excel in their technical knowledge, they integrated well with the team and communicated very effectively."

    -Michael Barker, Autodesk

Latest News


The RUSSOFT's survey on Russian Software Developing Industry and Software Exports is based on the polling of C-level managers of software developing companies and personal interviews of several company directors.


Outsell’s Gilbane Services, a provider of analyst and consulting services dedicated to content strategies, practices, and technologies, together with Edmon as an expert in content management solutions.

Trestle Group

In its Summer 2011 Outsourcing Survey conducted among upper-level management around the globe, Trestle Group found out that those firms successful in managing their relationships with their vendors will be able to reap the greatest benefits from their outsourcing initiatives.

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A change of perspective

Today’s business moves at the speed of thought and the future depends on a company’s ability to innovate and bring new thinking along with new products to the marketplace. As our customers face the pressures to meet and exceed expectations, so too does Edmon strive to deliver beyond traditional engineering and integration services. Innovation for Edmon goes beyond supporting individual contributions or generating clever ideas and inventions. For us, Innovation is a drive and a commitment to serve as a catalyst to our customer’s transformations. Edmon’s commitment to Innovation goes beyond concept to drive significant and measurable impacts in our customer’s products, processes and services.

Edmon advantage

While the idea of Innovation is ubiquitous and just about every organization in business today strives to innovate faster, better and cheaper, few organizations are able to take innovation methods and practices to repeatable results without help. Edmon builds the processes of Innovation, whether breakthrough, incremental or open source, into each of our engineering engagements. Depending on the client, innovation initiatives range from embedded practices to drive incremental improvements in core services, all the way to dedicated Innovation Labs with R&D budgets and quarterly scorecards. The advantage of this embedded innovation approach is that the results of these efforts are always measurable and the outcomes are pre-integrated with existing core engineering and integration functions.

Edmon Innovation Labs today generate hundreds of ideas for improving products and services that help our customers gain and maintain their edge in their industries.  By bringing a range of diverse perspectives together through our innovation platform, we are able to expand beyond traditional engineering services and become a true partner in our client’s success.

Platform for Innovation

Today, the Edmon Innovation Management platform helps our internal Industry Groups, Competency Centers, and our clients support their own Innovation Labs via a scalable blueprint. The platform enables global, distributed teams (including Edmon staff and our clients’ employees) to focus on Process Improvement and New Product Development and Enhancement by establishing and systematizing key  collaboration and crowd-sourcing practices. The platform tools are continuously enhanced with new and emerging technologies for visioning, collaboration and information sharing both within Edmon and across our clients.

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Our people combine experience, formal education - known for excellence in the region, with Edmon training and processes, to deliver results.

Our People

Our people combine experience, formal education - known for excellence in the region, with Edmon training and processes, to deliver results. See Details....

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